Drop Off Instructions

Ok, you are now ready to drop off your vehicle but do not know to proceed. To ensure the best possible service for your vehicle, please review the following checklist before you drop off your vehicle.

  • Remove all items, especially in the trunk compartment, to allow access to the all vehicle areas for repairs;
  • Remove all parking stickers, garage passes, remote controls, sunglasses and otherwise personal items;
  • Disable all vehicle audio alarms and provide us with any security codes;
  • Bring all keys for locked items such as wheel lock and spare tire locks;
  • Bring all insurance paperwork including any checks issued by the insurance company for your claim and repair file.

How quickly will you repair my vehicle?

Upon speaking with one of our specialists, an estimated date will be provided so you can plan when to expect your car to be completed. Please note this date is an estimate only. Some factors such as parts availability, insurance company delays and / or hidden damage can delay the completion of your repair. We make every effort to complete the repair of your vehicle by the estimated date and more often than not, complete said repairs before the estimated date of completion.

24-Hour Roadside Assistance

More information coming soon!


Whether you’ve been in an auto accident, want some customization or simply have questions, we’d love to hear from you.

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